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Shetab; An Amazing Online Business Card Maker

Today, undoubtedly world belongs to professionals trying to put their online business cards in front of audience and provide better communications with them. Since social media profiles put limitations on users, there may not be space and facilities for a full introduction of users. For example, in Instagram profiles, it is not possible to share multiple links and a user can put only one link in his Bio. Now, thanks to Shetab platform, an amazing online business card maker, many of these problems have been solved and you can make an online business card with more properties and features and more attractive appearance. Users using Shetab platform, will no longer be limited. In this platform, you can easily add your communication channels in social media, to your Shetab online business card with a personalized appearance. Also, you can put any number of links in online business card.

The benefits and services of Shetab platform

1. Making a nice, customized and unique online business card in minutes

The first and most important advantage of Shetab platform is the ease of making an online business card. All you have to do is logging in to Shetab platform and creating account by entering a phone number. After that, you should enter your details in the platform and simply make your online business card. In Shetab, there is everything you may need to add to your business card. Also, Shetab has a variety of designs and themes you can choose comfortably.

2. Ability to add WhatsApp account, Instagram account and phone number to online business card

In printed business cards, phone number, the number related to WhatsApp account and Instagram username could be written and now, you can add all of those data to your Shetab business card. One of many differences between Shetab and Instagram Bio is the number of links you can add. Only one link is allowed in Bio but there is no limitation in Shetab business card. So, all you have to do is “put your online business card link in Instagram Bio.” Your followers and audience can click on that link and access all of your information and communication channels.

3. Increasing your sales on Instagram and business website

Using Shetab platform, you can easily and quickly refer your audience and customers in Instagram and other social media platforms to product pages in website. This approach helps you increase your sales on Instagram and business website and you will no longer have to worry about losing your customers, because you will respond to their needs very quickly. You can put your phone numbers in Shetab profile so that your customers can call you instantly.

4. Benefiting from special and unique Shetab facilities

By purchasing a Shetab premium subscription, you can access to unique features on your Shetab profile. This premium subscription allows you to make a special and unique online business card. Also, you can customize your business card more than other normal users. Some of special features of Shetab premium subscription are as follows:

Make your Shetab online business card For Free!
If you want to better introduce yourself to your audience and make it easier for them to communicate with you, all you have to do is create an online business card in Shetab platform and place its link on your Instagram Bio and other websites. Shetab, also helps you in branding processes. If you would like to make your Shetab online business card in minutes and benefit from facilities of this platform, just click on the link below. Make your own online business card now by registering in Shetab!

Make your online business card in Shetab platform.